URBBANA – The Specialists in Made To Measure Suits, Custom Wedding Suits and Made To Order / Bespoke Shoes!

Urbbana is an exclusivemen’s tailor in Brisbane favoured by lovers of style and luxurious comfort. Our made to measure suits are crafted from the finest sourced yarns, the softest wool and given incredible artisan finishes. Quality and the attention to detail is what sets Urbbana apart from the rest. Once you step into one of our designer suits, get ready for the admiring glances!

Being a gent’s suit maker of the highest caliber doesn’t happen overnight. Urbbana made to measure textiles dates back to mills established in the 1800s. Over the past 10 years we’ve honed our suit making talents to become a symbol of elegance and sophistication on the Australian fashion scene.

Made to Measure Suitsfor All Occasions

At Urbbana, we offer three grades of tailored suit: full canvassed hand stitched, half canvassed hand stitched and fused interlining. Each is tailored with age old hand techniques for a stunning, unique finish. Select from hundreds of design permutations, a huge library of luxurious fabrics and finish your look with a stylish lining.

We design made to measure suits for all different occasions. Urbbana suits give you a feeling of comfortable style and control. Wedding day, business meeting, in the office or partying round town – our designer suits will show you’re ready for action.

Finely Crafted Shirts, Shoes and Accessories

Our shirts are made from luxurious fabrics, exquisite craftsmanship and exclusive designs. All Urbbana shirts are stitched using silk threading and 3-4 layers of fabric on the collar. Not only do they feel great to wear, they’ll stand the test of time.

Finish off your look with shoes ready to wear or predesigned. Have a scroll through the ready-made styles and have your size crafted today. Handmade for superior quality in Spain and Turkey.

Premium Quality Shirt URBBANA shirts are mostly made of pure 2-ply Egyptian cotton. This premium cotton lends itself to a smoother, crisper feel and is the finest cotton due to its long fibers.