6 July
The Turtleneck: A Menswear Winter Essential
We get it. Turtlenecks can be intimidating for a lot of guys, just like anything else they’re not used to wearing daily. Our team considers this winter garment essential for any wardrobe during the cooler months and will ultimately elevate many outfits you already wear. This is why we wanted… Read More
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6 May
Your one stop guide: Leather Jackets
With the first leather contemporary leather jacket dating back to the late 1920's, it's safe to say this menswear staple has come a long way. Few menswear garments come packaged with as much masculinity, history and attitude as a leather jacket. Outside of the suit, a leather jacket will be… Read More
20 September
Melbourne Cup – Our top five: Do’s & Don’ts.
Style. Once a word which represented individualism, now gets thrown around like an old pair of socks. If there’s ever a time to showcase the true meaning of style in Australia, it's Melbourne Cup day! Don’t lose your individualism, but do follow etiquette. Here’s our 5-point guide to getting it… Read More
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20 March
Ready To Wear vs Made To Measure Suits: What’s best for you?
We get it... Suit shopping can be overwhelming, Especially if you don't have much prior experience. It’s important to understand that generally people discover their preferences in fabric and fit via trial and error, which obviously results in wasted time and money. It’s our job to help guide you as… Read More
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2 October
Your guide to the Spring Racing Carnival 2018
Yes, It's that time of the year again. Well and truly an iconic Australian event, It's important to respect it's tradition and adhere to its etiquette. The spring racing carnival is a time of year for men to express and present themselves as Gentlemen, but also not lose their individuality;… Read More
22 February
Putting your best foot forward: Five-point guide to quality Footwear.
This is the biggest compromise I see the modern man make. Unfortunately, the profession of a ‘Shoemaker’ is now very close to non-existent in Australia; Thus, resulting in the vast majority of men having a lack of appreciation for well-crafted footwear. With fast/cheap fashion being more accessible than ever, it’s… Read More
8 September
What is Business-casual, and am I doing it right?
Business attire used to be a no-brainer. You shaved, slapped some cologne on and slipped in to one of many black or navy suits. It was hard to make a fashion gaffe with this kind of dress etiquette in the workplace, because it was so damn simple. But now, the… Read More
30 July
Distinguish quality – The Shirt: 3 steps in 30 seconds.
You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing its features, right? Then why don’t we do the same for shirts. Fortunately, it's more than ancient voodoo and tacky marketing that distinguish the quality of a shirt. There are generally signs you can look for to determine whether the shirt was made with… Read More
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11 July
The ‘Two Pillars’ of dressing well.
“I’m too lazy”. Gentlemen, you’re not running a marathon; How much effort do you think it takes to dress well? I mean, you have to wear clothes anyway, right?... RIGHT? We’ve grown accustomed to assuming that dressing well takes so much time and effort, which couldn’t be further from the… Read More
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