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Melbourne Cup – Our five: Do’s and Don’ts


Style; an abused, but still beautiful term. Once a word which represented individualism, now gets thrown around like an old pair of socks. If there’s ever a time to showcase the true meaning of style in Australia, it’s Melbourne Cup day! Don’t lose your individualism, but do follow etiquette. Here’s our 5-point guide to getting it spot on, this Melbourne Cup day.

Do: Follow the season – Spring/summer is a time for vibrant colours, light fabric suits and straw hats. Fabrics like linen and cotton will prevent you from perspiring, and prevent you from looking like you just went for a 12km run.

Don’t: Wear winter colours/fabrics – Would you wear white shorts on a cold, rainy winter day? Didn’t think so. Stick to colours and fabrics that compliment your surroundings/season.


Do: Wear a vest and tie – Simply because, you’ll take off your jacket… and a shirt with trousers just doesn’t cut it. Have fun with your selection of vest and tie, ensure it compliments your whole outfit.

race 3

Don’t: Be afraid – This goes out to the gents, that only have blue or black in their wardrobe. There’s no need to freak out over a touch of colour, and don’t worry… people have better things to do than talk about how you’re wearing a pink shirt on Melbourne Cup day.

race 2

Do: Loafers – Nothing says spring/summer like a pair of great loafers! Be sure to choose a colour that compliments what you’re wearing, and stick to leather. Remember, You’re still wearing a suit, so choose a loafer that fits the stylish occasion.

shoes for Urbanna and Galia-1666

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Kaan Tavli




What is Business-casual, and am I doing it right?


Business attire used to be a no-brainer. You shaved, slapped some cologne on and slipped in to one of many black or navy suits. It was hard to make a fashion gaffe with this kind of dress etiquette in the workplace, because it was so damn simple. But now, the rules have loosened up and men take a more casual approach… depending on their profession. It’s important to remember just because your office holds ‘Margarita Friday’, doesn’t mean you can dress like you’re on holiday. Here’s our 5-point guide to ensure you’re doing business-causal correctly.

1.. Be clean-cut: Casual dressing is no excuse for looking sloppy, so make sure you’re well groomed. Keep your hair and beard in good shape, and slap on your favourite cologne every morning before you leave the house.


2. When in doubt, opt for a suit: If you’re unsure about the attire for a business meeting, keep it simple and look like you belong. Don’t take the risk of dressing down, as in some environments this isn’t perceived as professional.


3. The level of formality: Remember, overdressing is always the safer bet. By overdressing, you compliment your clients and represent your company in a way that’s considered ‘above and beyond’.


4. Don’t limit your opportunities: It’s important you always dress in line with your superiors, and never more causally than your subordinates. The more you dressed in a relaxed manner, the less you look like someone who can be an authority figure in the workplace.


5. Never compromise on quality: Whatever you wear to work, ensure the workmanship behind the garment is second-to-none. Buy the best quality you can afford, and see it as an investment.



“Impact with style!”, quite simply; this is what we do here at URBBANA. We work with individuals and corporate business’ in a closed door environment to help ensure they’re making the impact they want to be making. Held at our ‘Gentleman’s emporium’, enjoy complimentary nibbles and coffee in store as our team of stylists construct a personalised session based around complexion, proportion and most importantly… the impact you want to make!


Signing off,

Kaan Tavli



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Distinguish quality – The Shirt: 3 steps in 30 seconds.


You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing its features, right? Then why don’t we do the same for shirts. Fortunately, it’s more than ancient voodoo and tacky marketing that distinguish the quality of a shirt. There are generally signs you can look for to determine whether the shirt was made with shortcuts, all to save the manufacturer money at the expense of quality. This process will only take you 30 seconds, and in return ensure you get what you’re paying for.

STEP ONE – The Stitching:

There’s no hiding bad tailoring here – the stitching needs to be firm and neat, especially around the point of the collar. It’s important you don’t compromise on this, or within 6 months of wearing the shirt, it’s likely the seams will split.


STEP TWO – The Components:

100% Cotton is the way to go! None of those poly-cotton or easy-iron blends. Remember, these blends are treated with chemicals which can cause skin irritation. So, don’t think you’re saving time buying an easy-iron shirt, because there is a HUGE compromise on quality. Try sticking to a two-ply cotton, it’s one of the best you can use due to its longer threads which ultimately result in the shirt being softer, stronger and less see-through.


STEP THREE – The Collar:

Avoid the curl! Be sure to check the density of the collar, as this is where many manufacturers cut costs. A good collar should be constructed with 3-5 layers to ensure it keeps its shape. If you’re unsure, ask the sales associate for some information about the quality. A collar that looks like its passed its ‘use by date’, isn’t even worth having in your life… you’re better than that.


Watch our URBBANA shirts being constructed here:


Signing off,

Kaan Tavli


kaan urbbana

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The Wedding Suit: Four-point guide to avoid being left at the Altar.

wedding pic

Gone are the days where the wedding is all about the Bride; the groom and his team of groomsmen hold more responsibility… and its important they don’t disappoint. Here’s our four-point guide to ensure your fiancée doesn’t leave you at the Altar:


If a guest has to ask who the groom is, there’s a problem. As the groom, you NEED to take it up a notch. Take in to consideration the dress code you’ve put on the invitation and the scenery of the venue to avoid disappointment.*

urbbanacampaign-7   *Appropriate for garden weddings with more vibrant colours and greenery.


This is possibly one of the most overlooked factors when shopping for a wedding suit. Whether it’s a shawl lapel/double breasted suit for your black tie themed wedding, or a simple two-button notch lapel suit for an outdoors and scenic venue; Its important you choose an outfit that’s appropriate and compliments the scene.*

form*The ‘Shawl’ Lapel is fit for the most formal of occasions/weddings and can’t be worn in a casual setting.


The colour of your suit ultimately depends on the scene of your wedding. It’s vital to complement the colours of the venue and your bride-to-be’s dress. Sticking to staple colours that are quite universal is key, and can make this process easier to go through.*

shawl*This is an example of using a staple colour (Navy) and adding more vibrant colours that compliment each other.


Don’t look like you’re wearing a suit because you HAVE TO wear a suit, pay attention to the fit and get it customised to your needs. This ultimately means an extra cost in alterations, but also guarantee’s you won’t be ashamed of your wedding photos.

Good-Fit-vs-Bad-Fit-400-AOM  *Example of how a suit should and shouldn’t fit

Signing off,

Kaan Tavli


kaan urbbana

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The ‘Two Pillars’ of dressing well.


“I’m too lazy”. Gentlemen, you’re not running a marathon; How much effort do you think it takes to dress well? I mean, you have to wear clothes anyway, right?… RIGHT? We’ve grown accustomed to assuming that dressing well takes so much time and effort, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Gentlemen, I’m here to tell you the days of pondering over your wardrobe like a teenage girl going on her first date are over. Stick to these two key pillars and let your wardrobe do the work for you.

PILLAR ONE: PROPORTION – The foundation.

This is one thing you must never compromise on when buying a garment. A man’s sartorial sense rests on his capability to wear the most basic garments to individual perfection, this is essentially a lesson in proportion. This is why when you see celebrities in a basic black suit, they still look amazing; and you think to yourself… “why don’t I look like that when I wear a black suit?”.

exam    *This is an example of head/shoulder proportion. If you happen to have a small head, it’s appropriate to wear a jacket with narrow shoulders. This will make your head appear larger than it actually is.

PILLAR TWO: COLOUR – It’s about the face!

One of the most important but misunderstood functions of male attire is to lead the viewer’s eyes toward your face. Remember, the garments should compliment you… not the other way around. Colour is the leading influencer of first impressions compared to any other aspect of attire. People can establish an emotional link between themselves and the colour you’re wearing. It’s important to establish a relationship between your complexion and the outfit’s level of contrast, and understand what colours compliment your complexion. Once this is established, you can then highlight your face by repeating one of more natural pigments in the colours of your garments.

sam    *This Is an example of our designer here at URBBANA, Sam Abi. He opts for a darker tie due to his darker facial features (hair and eyes), which help bring the viewers eye back to his face.

Implementing these methods will ultimately save you effort and time on a daily basis. If you have any questions for our team of stylists or to book a styling session, feel free to email

Signing off,

Kaan Tavli


kaan urbbana


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Done right: That ‘Punch’ of colour.


We’re men! and men don’t get scared… right? I mean, unless you ask us to wear pink or something; only then will we blush like twelve-year-old girls and mumble “I don’t wear pink”. There’s a big misconception of certain colours and the perception it gives to people, and rightfully so. There’s definitely a right and wrong way to do this, so follow these 3 steps to make sure you don’t embarrass yourself:


Think of an Artist about to paint their most magnificent piece… What colour is their canvas? It’s a block colour. Why is it a block colour? because the Art piece is the showcase, not the canvas; the same thing applies in Fashion. It’s important to realise that if you’re going to showcase a beautiful garment that really stands out, you need to let it be the statement piece in your outfit. Sticking to ‘staple colours’* as your canvas is the difference-maker.

ex 1                                              *Navy, White, Beige, Grey, Olive, Burgundy (not limited to)


The last thing you want is to look like an optical illusion right? Avoid doing so by complimenting whatever design* you wear with a block colour garment. This is a common mistake the modern gentleman makes day-to-day; Unfortunately because he’s been misinformed. Remember, let the design be the statement piece!

ex 2                                          *Checks, Stripes, Polka-dots, Paisley (not limited to)


This is the last and most important step of the process. Always work within your comfort zone, otherwise the garments will simply be props in your wardrobe and accumulate dust over time. A great pioneer of men’s fashion once said “the most expensive clothes you’ll ever buy are the ones you’ll never wear.” Every style-decision you make should be done with complete confidence and conviction. Remember, your style can’t be forged… so embrace it!

style                                                 John Tomkins (left) & URBBANA Designer Sam Abi (right)

Signing off,

Kaan Tavli


kaan urbbana

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The Pocket Square: 4 ways to ‘class it up’.



“To wipe your nose on your sleeve was boorish”  – Although the ‘Pocket Square’ has lost its original purpose and functionality in modern society, the tradition of its finesse and class remains. Despite still being a common piece in a gentleman’s wardrobe, there is a disconnect between liking them and knowing the right way to wear them.

Here’s four different ways to wear your ‘Handkerchief/Pocket Square’, and the appropriate occasions to show them off.



pocket square 2

Appropriate for any open-collar attire (casual outings). Easy to execute and is perfect for the carefree gentleman.



pocket square 3

Appropriate for a formal white-collar workplace, works terrifically in corporate settings.



pocket square 4

Ideal for an evening out on the town or festive occasions.



pocket square 5

Appropriate for any settings other than corporate. Great for heavily designed ‘Pocket Squares’.


Feel free to visit us in store or email for any questions

Signing off,

Kaan TavlI


kaan urbbana


The ‘Patina’ technique: Menswears best kept secret


The Patina collection at URBBANA is a true reflection of craftsmanship at its finest. The technique involves applying many layers of colour to the leather to build up the design, until finally the artisan’s desired look is achieved. The process can unbelievably begin with applying up to seven or eight dyes for a greater depth of colour that can only be found in hand coloured shoes. Sometimes multiple colours are used to achieve a patina with many different hues, in which multiple cloths and brushes are needed, because each dye requires its own cloth and brush, so as to avoid destroying the desired effect.


Only a limited quantity have been constructed for purchase.

Signing off,

Kaan Tavli


kaan urbbana

Premium Quality Shirt URBBANA shirts are mostly made of pure 2-ply Egyptian cotton. This premium cotton lends itself to a smoother, crisper feel and is the finest cotton due to its long fibers.

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