Decorum by URBBANA

“Impact with style” – Quite simply, this is what we do here at URBBANA.

We work with individuals and corporate businesses to help them develop a unique and distinctive style, that best reflects their values and professional culture; To ultimately play a bigger game in their industry.

“The core spirit of Brisbane Roar FC as a professional Hyundai A-League club has always been to show up as your best self, whether that’s to training, a match day, or in our everyday management decisions. We wanted to align with a brand and suit partner who shared our same passion and vision for being professional and highly presentable, so as to demand respect as a representative of our proud club. URBBANA have been incredibly professional and personal in all their dealings and have worked alongside our team to ensure our players and staff are dressed to model the energy and vibrant soul of our team.”

David Pourre

Managing Director – Brisbane Roar Football Club

For further information, email or call 07 3211 5499.

Complete with a high-end, full-service Barber shop and Laneway café: URBBANA Edward st is an emporium dedicated to the Gentlemen of Australia.

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Premium Quality Shirt URBBANA shirts are mostly made of pure 2-ply Egyptian cotton. This premium cotton lends itself to a smoother, crisper feel and is the finest cotton due to its long fibers.

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