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The Turtleneck: A Menswear Winter Essential

Turtleneck 1

We get it. Turtlenecks can be intimidating for a lot of guys, just like anything else they’re not used to wearing daily. Our team considers this winter garment essential for any wardrobe during the cooler months and will ultimately elevate many outfits you already wear. This is why we wanted to ease your worries and put together this ‘how-to’ guide on wearing a turtleneck.

Turtleneck 2
The Suit:

Simply put – The most sophisticated pairing is with a Suit. This look oozes elegance and practicality. Swapping our your traditional shirt for a turtleneck during winter will help you subtly stand out from the crowd, whilst keeping within formal dress code. This look is ideal for day-to-day corporate attire.
Turtleneck 3
Smart casual:

Let me set the scene: It’s Friday afternoon, and you’ve got a networking luncheon. It’s likely this networking event will turn into a long lunch with industry colleagues enjoying each others company. Pairing a turtleneck sweater with smart causal pieces in your wardrobe will convey the message: I’m appoachable and professional.
Turtleneck 4
Keepin’ it casual:

I know what you’re thinking; How can such a sophisticated piece be incorporated into a casual wardrobe? To achieve this causal look, we need to ensure the turtleneck is paired up with very casual pieces. Garments such as denim and leather boots all contribute to the overall casual aesthetic. Also consider half-tucking in your turtleneck (as pictured above), to keep it more relaxed. This look is perfect for occasions like Sunday morning brunch.

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