Blog | The Wedding Suit: Four-point guide to avoid being left at the Altar.

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The Wedding Suit: Four-point guide to avoid being left at the Altar.

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Gone are the days where the wedding is all about the Bride; the groom and his team of groomsmen hold more responsibility… and its important they don’t disappoint. Here’s our four-point guide to ensure your fiancée doesn’t leave you at the Altar:


If a guest has to ask who the groom is, there’s a problem. As the groom, you NEED to take it up a notch. Take in to consideration the dress code you’ve put on the invitation and the scenery of the venue to avoid disappointment.*

urbbanacampaign-7   *Appropriate for garden weddings with more vibrant colours and greenery.


This is possibly one of the most overlooked factors when shopping for a wedding suit. Whether it’s a shawl lapel/double breasted suit for your black tie themed wedding, or a simple two-button notch lapel suit for an outdoors and scenic venue; Its important you choose an outfit that’s appropriate and compliments the scene.*

form*The ‘Shawl’ Lapel is fit for the most formal of occasions/weddings and can’t be worn in a casual setting.


The colour of your suit ultimately depends on the scene of your wedding. It’s vital to complement the colours of the venue and your bride-to-be’s dress. Sticking to staple colours that are quite universal is key, and can make this process easier to go through.*

shawl*This is an example of using a staple colour (Navy) and adding more vibrant colours that compliment each other.


Don’t look like you’re wearing a suit because you HAVE TO wear a suit, pay attention to the fit and get it customised to your needs. This ultimately means an extra cost in alterations, but also guarantee’s you won’t be ashamed of your wedding photos.

Good-Fit-vs-Bad-Fit-400-AOM  *Example of how a suit should and shouldn’t fit

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  1. I always recommend skinny suits and pair it with slim ties add mix-and-match waistcoats that shake up a plain suit look and make it more unique.

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